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Tooth Mousse

Tooth Mousse is a water-based cream which contains Casein Phosphopeptide-Amorpheous Calcium Phosphate (CPP-ACP). This sugar-free cream contains a special blend of cleaning, polishing and sealing agents. It binds to plaque, bacteria and soft tissue and localises bio-available calcium and phosphate. Tooth Mousse provides extra protection for teeth by neutralising acid caused by bacteria in plaque. Saliva will enhance the effectiveness of the CPP-ACP and the flavour of the cream will also stimulate saliva flow. The longer you keep the cream and saliva in your mouth, the more effective the results will be.

How to use Tooth Mousse:

At night time, brush your teeth with toothpaste and then spit out the excess – do not rinse. Place approximately a pea-sized amount of Tooth Mousse on your finger and spread it around your teeth until they are fully covered.

Hold the mixture of the Tooth Mousse and saliva in your mouth as long as possible (minimum 2 minutes) to maximise its efficiency. You may spit out the Tooth Mousse once you are finished, but again, do not rinse, eat or drink for half an hour after Tooth Mousse treatment. Use the Tooth Mousse every night until the container is empty, or for about three months. If you are using dental fluorinse as well, rinse with fluorinse first and then apply your Tooth Mousse. Tooth Mousse is derived from milk casein, so do not use this product if you have a milk protein allergy.

Any more questions?

If you have any queries or concerns about how to use tooth mousse, please do not hesitate to contact our helpful team at Toowoomba Orthodontists.