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Spark Aligners

If you are looking for a custom, discreet and affordable orthodontic treatment, Spark Aligners might be a great fit for you. Using a specialised methodology and cutting-edge technology, we will design clear, plastic, customised aligner trays for you using the results of a 3D digital scan taken at your first consultation with us.

Your treatment can be our secret

Spark Aligners are the most transparent aligners available. They provide a great discreet treatment option for patient-facing professionals and teens who are conscious about the appearance of orthodontic treatment. For added discretion, your aligners are removable for important events and business meetings. This also means you won’t have to adjust your eating and oral hygiene routines during your treatment journey. With Spark Aligners, you will be able to smile confidently every step of the way through treatment.

How are Spark Aligners made?

At your first appointment, we will take 3D scans of your teeth to create a virtual simulation of your unique smile. This 3D simulation can then be used to show you what your future smile will look like after Spark Aligner treatment. Each Spark Aligner is custom made with machine precision and is hand-shaped to comfortably fit your exact smile. This one-of-a-kind appliance is also extremely affordable, providing an incredibly discreet aligner treatment to patients of all budgets.

Start now to realise your best smile yet

To find out if this custom and convenient treatment is right for you, contact our practice to book your first consultation with us. We will do a full assessment of your teeth and determine if you could benefit from discreet Spark Aligner treatment.