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iCAT FLX X-Ray - accurate 3D imaging

Toowoomba Orthodontists wants the best for our patients, and that’s why we use the iCAT FLX 3D X-Ray. This cutting-edge x-ray brings increased accuracy to the diagnosis and treatment of orthodontic issues for swifter solutions and better results.

How does the iCAT X-Ray work?

The iCAT FLX X-Ray delivers crisp 2D and 3D images in just one eight-second scan. This quick scan provides our Specialist Orthodontists with all the data they need to plan your treatment. Best yet, the iCAT X-Ray delivers extremely low levels of radiation for a safe x-ray experience.

We can diagnose and treat even the most complex issues

Using the iCAT FLX X-Ray, our Specialist Orthodontists can see comprehensive images of your face and jaw to accurately plan your custom orthodontic treatment. They can even use the CAT FLX X-Ray to help diagnose anything from TMJ to sleep apnoea.

Find the solution for your smile

Book your initial consultation with the expert team at Toowoomba Orthodontists to start the journey to your very best smile. We will use our iCAT FLX X-Ray to plan an efficient treatment with accurate results.