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Information sheets

Would you like more information about your orthodontic treatment? Here we have compiled some resources to answer your questions and ease you through your treatment journey.

Braces instructions

Learn how to benefit the most from your braces treatment.

Invisalign® instructions

Get all the answers to commonly asked questions about Invisalign® treatment.


Elastics are a key element in ensuring a swift braces treatment. Learn how proper use of elastics can cut down the time you spend in braces.

Removable orthodontic appliances

Learn more about the proper use of your removable Twin Block or URA orthodontic appliances.

Twin Block appliance

Discover how the Twin Block appliance can permanently change your facial profile in just a few short months.

Tooth Mousse

Learn what Tooth Mousse is, how to use it, and what it will do for your smile.

Contact us for your questions on orthodontic treatment

If your questions are still unanswered after reading through these useful information sheets, please call our helpful staff at Toowoomba Orthodontists.