Smiles are our speciality

We are Toowoomba’s leading clear aligner provider and Australia’s experts in customised digital braces.

Cutting-edge solutions for straighter teeth

The Specialist Orthodontists at Toowoomba Orthodontists offer a number of solutions to help you achieve your best smile. Our treatment options include Customised Insignia braces, Spark Clear aligners, and Invisalign.

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Why choose us?

We are specialist orthodontists

Our highly skilled doctors use their years of experience along with the latest technology, to provide the highest quality results for their patients. We provide modern and efficient treatment options in a fun and friendly environment.

We use customised digital technology to fast-track treatment time

At Toowoomba Orthodontists, we treat the highest number of patients with clear aligners in the Toowoomba area. We are also Australia’s leading Insignia braces practice. Customised  treatment is fast and comfortable.

We have 2 convenient locations

Our Specialist Orthodontists and their skillful staff members provide professional care for children and adults in Toowoomba and Warwick. Both of our clinics have free on-site parking.

We provide flexible payment plans

Our practice provides interest-free monthly payment plans and repayments for up to a 3 year period!

Meet the team that makes it all possible

We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality treatments in a fun and caring environment. Our world class team is passionate about making you smile.

Value for money that keeps you smiling

We want orthodontic treatment to be enjoyable from start to finish. The price of treatment shouldn’t get in the way of your smile goals. That’s why we provide affordable interest-free monthly payment plans for our patients.

We are happy to answer your questions

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about orthodontics. You can find more answers at our FAQ page and, if you still have questions, we would love to answer them for you at your initial consultation.

Any age is suitable to seek orthodontic treatment; however, the optimal time for us to see your child is around the age of 8 years old. If there are obvious signs of orthodontic issues such as crowding or a crossbite, your child should be seen sooner.

No, you do not need a referral to see us.

It is never too late to start orthodontic treatment! Braces and clear aligners are suitable treatment options for most adults. Please visit our treatment options page to find out more about these treatments.

Orthodontic treatment shouldn’t hurt you. You may experience some discomfort after fitting or tightening appointments with braces. Your mouth will not be accustomed to the forces being applied and will feel ‘tight’. This discomfort will usually last no more than three days and can be relieved with paracetamol or ibuprofen and by eating soft foods. For clear aligners and functional appliances, there is generally very little to no discomfort as your mouth adjusts to the treatment. You may not need to use medications at all.

Every patient is unique, and so is their treatment plan! The cost of your treatment will vary greatly depending on your specific needs and goals, as well as the treatment you choose. To obtain a quote for orthodontic treatment, please phone our office to arrange a consultation. Most treatment options have interest-free payment plans available.

You can get started on your journey to your dream smile by arranging an initial consultation to discuss treatment options with us.

Take the first step towards straighter teeth

See how we can help you achieve your best smile. Come in for a no-obligation consultation at one of our two conveniently located practices to learn how the state-of-the-art treatments we have on offer could benefit you.

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