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Elastics are tiny rubber bands that are stretched between your upper and lower braces and exert gentle force to move teeth in the desired direction. Elastics are attached to small hooks on the wire or brackets of your braces. The more elastics are worn, the faster your braces treatment will progress.

When should I wear my elastics?

Elastics must be worn at all times except for when you clean your teeth. You should wear them all night while sleeping, as well as during the day. The more you wear your elastics, the faster your progress will be, so we recommend trying to eat with your elastics on as well.

New elastics should be put on every morning and night after brushing your teeth. If one of the elastics breaks during the day, remove the other side and replace with two new elastics to keep the forces the same. Spare elastics must be kept with you at all times so that broken elastics can be replaced immediately and the correct forces to align and co-ordinate teeth can be maintained. You should wear your elastics to your appointments so that we can ensure you are wearing them in the correct manner.

Need help with your elastics?

If you think that you will run out of elastics before your next appointment, or are having problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us.