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Clear retainers

A clear retainer is a thin clear plastic plate similar in construction to a small mouth guard. It is worn whilst you sleep for roughly 12 hours per day. Its purpose is to retain your teeth in their current position. the more you wear your retainer, the less likely it is that your teeth will move out of their corrected position.

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  • The retainer should always be comfortable to wear. If the clear retainer is excessively tight when first put in each night and does not soon become comfortable the retainer should be worn MORE than 12 – 14 hours a day.
  • It is your responsibility to wear the retainer enough to ensure the retainer stays comfortable.
  • It is important that this retainer is not left in any warm or sunny places as this may cause the plastic to melt and distort. For the same reason, avoid drinking hot beverages whilst the retainer is in place.
  • At times when the retainer is not being worn, keep it in the provided plastic container to minimize the risk of the retainer being lost or broken.
  • To clean the retainer simply brush with your toothbrush & toothpaste gently. Do not boil, soak or vigorously brush the retainer.
  • This type of retainer is generally worn for approximately three years until the wisdom teeth have been removed. However, some patients choose to wear their retainer for many years after orthodontic treatment is complete, to ensure their teeth stay straight.
  • As you wear the plate regularly you may notice small holes appearing on the biting surface. There is no need to be concerned providing these small holes do not hinder you from wearing your retainer. Please contact us immediately if it cracks, or if you lose it, so that we can arrange for a new retainer to be made for you. Any replacement retainers resulting from loss or damage will incur a fee.

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