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Orthodontist or dentist

Many people are a little confused about the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist and who does what. Here is an easy check list to make it all a lot simpler.

Orthodontist Dentist
Five-year dentistry training at university
Specialist three-year university training in orthodontics  
Specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of teeth alignment using the latest technology  Some may offer 
Non-Specialist options
Addresses problems caused by misalignment 
- headache, tooth wear etc 
To a limited extent
Undertakes ongoing training in orthodontics and orthodontic technology   
Offers general dentistry such as check-ups, fillings and hygiene   
Extracts teeth if necessary   
Offers cosmetic dentistry such as veneers   

You don`t need a referral to go to a dentist or an orthodontist but sometimes your dentist may give you a referral if he/she thinks you need specialist orthodontic treatment. Similarly, an orthodontist may refer you to a dentist if you need general dental work such as a filling or tooth extraction.

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