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1300 123 301

Appointment information

Our orthodontic practice strives for prompt, reliable service. To ensure we uphold these values please read the below appointment policies.

On arrival

It is essential to notify the front desk of your arrival. 

Cancelling appointments

If for any reason your scheduled appointment cannot be attended please phone the practice as soon as possible so that an alternative appointment can be scheduled. Cancelling and rescheduling appointment times inconveniences everyone. Please strive to keep your original bookings. 

Late arrivals

If you arrive late to your appointment but within your scheduled appointment time you may be seen. Please report to the front desk and they will advise you if you will be able to be seen. 

Very late arrivals

If you arrive to your appointment outside your scheduled appointment time, your appointment will be rescheduled. This is to ensure all patients are seen at their scheduled time. 

Forgotten appointments

Appointment cards are provided when scheduling appointments, these should be kept in a prominent place. If you have forgotten your appointment please contact our office as soon as possible to reschedule. It is important to remember to attend every appointment to ensure treatment progress is not hindered.  

Before and after school appointments

We will strive to organise appointment times that will suit your needs, but not all patients will be able to be seen outside of school hours. 


Breakages can consist of wires, brackets etc that may become loose or broken. Breakages should not occur in patients with braces unless correct diet and habits have been broken. An appointment will be required if we are not scheduled to see you within two weeks time. Please advise the office of any breakages as soon as possible to make an appointment to have the breakage attended to. 

Long appointments 

Long appointments are required to fit braces and to remove braces. These appointments are scheduled in the morning, inside school hours. 

Debanding appointments

When braces are removed patients require two appointments on the same day. The first appointment takes one hour and this is when the braces are removed. This appointment requires patients to undergo their appointment in the surgery on their own. Firstly, bonded retainers (small wires) are glued behind your upper and lower front teeth. The braces are then removed and we clean off the remaining brace cement, polish your teeth, and take an impression of your upper teeth for your clear retainer. Having your braces removed is pain free. When we polish your teeth to remove the remaining glue there will be small vibrations felt. The same day in the afternoon we will see you for 10 minutes to fit the upper clear retainer and talk about how to clean around your wires. Patients are advised to use a product called Tooth Mousse and this is provided at an extra charge.

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